Podcast: Sonic Talk 771 - Look Mum No Computer

US Organs, Meta VCV Rack, Guitar Rig 7 Pro      14/09/23

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76:44 mins


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 23:59:46 SHOW START
00:17:42 mrgum6y asks mrgum6y via - [youtube] - QQ Please ask Sam how did he learn his basic electronics.
00:21:44 AD: iZotope Ozone 11
00:24:09 Soma Labs Flux
00:33:34 4ms Meta VCV Rack Host
00:44:47 AD: UVI Synth Anthology 4
00:45:57 Guitar Rig Pro 7 is out
00:55:14 iConnectivity PlayAUDIO1U
01:01:36 nickhowesuk asks via - [twitch] - QQ for Sam... When you visited the Synth museum what one synth turned you into a dribbling heap of boyhood excitement?

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