Mackie Announces Thrash212 GO

US Battery-powered 300W loudspeaker for professional sound anywhere      14/09/23

Mackie Announces Thrash212 GO

Mackie has announced what they say is a revolutionary development to their popular Thrash loudspeaker series, the Thrash212 GO -- a 300W battery-powered 12" loudspeaker that allows high-output professional sound to go anywhere, whether you're a musician, working DJ or live event producer.

Matt Redmon, Mackie's Director of Product Marketing, told us, "Battery-powered products are everywhere these days from our cars, phones, laptops and headphones to our portable music listening devices. One setting that has not really benefited from this battery-powered revolution, however, is event spaces -- particularly remote and/or large events where power is not readily available. With those settings in mind, we leveraged our decades of loudspeaker design into a battery-powerable, Bluetooth-capable loudspeaker: Thrash212 GO."

Here's more details direct from Mackie...

Building on the popular battery-powered 8" Thump GO, Mackie Thrash212 GO is a serious, high-output 12" loudspeaker with up to 10 hours of playtime from the swappable, rechargeable battery. Designed as a solution for countless setup challenges, Thrash212 GO lets users bring iconic Mackie sound to remote outdoor gigs, non-traditional venues with questionable power options, and beach parties that run late into the night.

While it's portable and light enough to carry with four built-in handles, Thrash212 GO is not a tiny speaker. That's how Mackie likes it. Packing a 300W Class-D amplifier, Thrash212 GO is all about big loudspeaker performance -- the kind of raw power and clarity that musicians, DJs and discerning users expect from Mackie, now without the need for external power.

Featuring Bluetooth® connectivity for music streaming and stereo linking, Mackie Thrash212 GO makes it easy to connect two full-size, 12", 300W loudspeakers to a laptop or smart device for a totally wireless, pro-level music playback setup that's ready in seconds. It's all the convenience users typically associate with battery-powered consumer speakers, now brought to the world of serious professional audio by a brand trusted worldwide, without compromise.

When Mackie released SRM portable loudspeakers in 1999, it was a revolutionary product that expanded what's possible for DJs, musicians and live sound engineers. Thrash212 revolutionizes the industry again, bringing impactful sound to remote places.

Pricing and Availability:
$499.99. Availability beginning September 12th.

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