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US Yamaha introduces FGDP-50 and FGDP-30 finger drum pads      11/09/23

Yamaha Corporation has announced the release of its FGDP-50 and FGDP-30 finger drum pads. A spokesperson told us, "The Yamaha finger drum pad is a newly developed musical instrument that allows users to enjoy authentic drumming performance with ease, using only the fingers to play."

Here's the full details direct from Yamaha...

The FGDP-50 and FGDP-30 are all-new products, developed to enable users to use their fingers to easily enjoy playing the drums, also known as finger drumming. With a built-in speaker, tone generator, and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, all in a compact, lightweight body, users can enjoy finger drumming anytime, anywhere.

The pads of the FGDP are arranged in an ergonomic layout optimized for finger drumming to bring out your best performance, whether you're a beginner or an experienced finger drummer. Pad hardness and sensitivity are also optimized for finger drumming, allowing the user to express subtle variations in dynamics and even use unique drumming techniques like flams and rolls. In addition to highly acclaimed acoustic drum sounds from Yamaha's DTX electronic drums series, re-tuned for an optimal finger drumming experience, the FGDP also includes a wide range of newly created electro sounds. Suitable for a variety of music genres, these products make finger drumming enjoyable not only for those with finger drumming experience, but also for DJs, songwriters, drummers, and more.

Key Features
1. Ergonomic pad layout optimized for finger drumming
The pads of the FGDP are ergonomically designed for optimal finger drumming performance. The 18 pads are arranged in an arched layout with left-right symmetry, designed for a three-finger playing style, using the thumb, index finger, and middle finger. This makes it easy to play standard 8-beat rhythms with one hand, as well as 16-beat rhythms when both hands are used. For example, while the thumb provides stable output for the bass drum, the dexterous index finger can provide delicate nuance for the snare and the middle finger provides the endurance and subtle movements needed for the hi-hat.

2. Pad hardness and sensitivity optimized for finger drumming
Pad hardness and sensitivity are also optimized for finger drumming, responding to even the most delicate touch. Not only do the pads reproduce the player's intended dynamics, but they also catch notes played in rapid succession. It's even possible to use unique drumming techniques like rolls, barely-audible ghost notes, or flams.

By pushing down on the pads, players can replicate cymbal choke (grabbing the cymbal to mute the sound) and control depth of effects to change drum sounds in real time. Players can also switch between the default snare drum sounds and open rimshot sounds by changing how hard they strike the pads.

3. Wide range of high-quality sounds suitable for a variety of genres
The FGDP series features the highly acclaimed, realistic acoustic drum sounds from Yamaha's DTX electronic drums series, as well as a wide range of newly created electro sounds that can meet the needs of a wide variety of music genres. Rather than simply reusing the acoustic drum sounds from the DTX series, they have been re-tuned for an optimal finger drumming experience, based on the fact that drum sticks and fingers produce different velocities and forces. The re-tuned sounds deliver high-quality sound and a comfortable finger drumming experience.

The FGDP-50 includes 1,500 Voices and 48 preset kits, and the FGDP-30 includes 1,212 Voices and 39 preset kits. You can also create custom kits by combining your favorite Voices, allowing you to enjoy performing with your own unique sound.

4. All-in-one product with built-in speaker and rechargeable battery means no messy wires or confusing setup
The FGDP includes a built-in 2.5 W speaker and runs on USB-rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The tone generator is also built in, making it an all-in-one product with no messy wires or confusing setup. The FGDP-50 weighs 1.1 kg and measures 22.3 cm (W/D) x 5.1 cm (H) and the FGDP-30 weighs 1.0 kg and measures 22.3 cm (W) x 19.5 cm (D) x 4.9 cm (H), making both models lightweight, compact, and easy to take with you wherever you go. Just turn the power on and enjoy finger drumming anywhere, anytime.

5. Connect external devices for even more ways to enjoy
Connect the FGDP to a computer via USB to use your favorite drum software or sampled assets. You can also record audio or MIDI data to a music production software. Connect your smartphone or similar device via audio cable to enjoy drumming along to music played from the device. Install the free Yamaha "Rec'n'Share" app for iOS or Android and connect your smart device to easily record and edit performance video or audio and then upload and share on social media.

6. Enjoy being even more creative with features exclusive to the FGDP-50
The high-end FGDP-50 includes features that allow you to enjoy being even more creative when performing. Eight additional RGB pads not only allow you to use more sounds, but also add excitement to your performance with flashy RGB lights. Connect a USB flash drive (sold separately) to import tones or phrases from the drive onto the FGDP-50 or record your performance onto the flash drive. Use Session Creator to enjoy drumming along to backtracks featuring various music genres, with accompaniment by bass, guitar, synthesizer, and more, or use Note Repeat to repeat notes at set tempos and intervals--like an arpeggiator for drums--to support your performance and boost your creativity. Enjoy even more creative performance possibilities with a rich set of features not available on the FGDP-30.

Development Background
Lately, finger drumming performances have been garnering more and more attention at clubs, live concerts, and on social media. These performances use MIDI controllers and multifunction music production equipment requiring high levels of expertise, and while such an overcomplicated approach is possible, it leaves many performers wishing there were a dedicated device optimized for finger drumming. Getting the equipment needed, along with the complexity of setting it all up, has been a steep barrier to entry, sometimes preventing beginners from even taking the first steps toward getting started.

The new FGDP-50 and FGDP-30 were born from a desire to make it easier for more people to enjoy finger drumming. These products are dedicated to finger drumming, making them suitable not only for beginners who want to avoid confusing peripheral devices and complex configurations, but also for experienced finger drummers who want to take their performance to the next level. With these products, Yamaha hopes to contribute to the further development of finger drumming culture.

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