Podcast: Sonic TALK 770- Volca Sample, UVI Synth Anthology 4

US Shaperbox 3 and more      07/09/23

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62:52 mins

Podcast: Sonic TALK 770-  Volca Sample, UVI Synth Anthology 4


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00:00:16 SHOW START
00:02:40 AD: Join Our Patreon
00:04:14 EMOM Dates
00:12:39 Granularize Volca Sample
00:23:06 AD: iZotope Music Essentials
00:24:12 Yoad picked: Shaperbox 3
00:31:24 Great Matriarch Patch
00:44:18 AD: UVI Synth Anthology 4
00:45:22 UVI Synth Anthology 4
00:53:58 EMOM Dates
00:55:08 nickhowesuk asks via - [twitch] - QQ anyone else notice that almost everyone at Reading Festival had the same live rig? Moog..Nord .. Roland .. is the live kB market dominated by these three ?

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