Herbs and Stones - Pathways

US Matrix mayhem (but in a good way)      01/09/23

Eurorack, synthesiser and effects company Herbs and Stones have announced an interesting addition to their output with Pathways - a modular matrix mixer designed for feedback manipulation, creative routing, weird synthesis... and many other things.

The premise of this is quite simple but very powerful - there are inputs and outputs but with the ability to route the inputs to one or more outputs through the use of attenuators and/or the built-in VCAs. 

With 4x 1/4" inputs with gain / drive control and 4x 1/4" outputs you are presented with a 16 way matrix of intersections that can be controlled manually or via CV.

Watching the various videos of this already, it seems as though this can be used to create everything from ambient bliss to heavy feedback. If patched into itself, each channel can self oscillate so it can be used as a polyphonic cv controllable drone synthesizer.

Although we have seen matrix style mixers crop up in the past, t his one comes armed with some fresh ideas such as an envelope follower, a clock divider, two voltage controlled LFOs which can modulate any parameter, asymmetrical panning, tempo-related fx send/returns and full Eurorack compatibility.

Pathways is priced at €499 (international shipping fees are included) and it comes with an universal power supply.

More information here: https://herbs---stones.com/pathways/

Thanks to MATTHS for the spot
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