New Transition Builder From Baby Audio And Andrew Huang

US Mix transitions made simple, yet so nifty      24/08/23

Aint it often the way, the simplist ideas are generally the most effective and that's what we have here in the form Transit - the result of a collaboration between Baby Audio and Andrew Huang.

The easiest way to describe Transit is as a multi-effect transition processor, for creating dramatic (or subtle) mix transitions based over time. 

With 7 effect slots for 18 effects with macro controls that are all linked  to a master and easy to automate transition control.

The 18 effect modules in Transit are purpose-designed for transition duties. You get classic modulation effects, distortion and degradation options, motion FX, reverb, delay, two filter types – and even a synth oscillator and noise generator for adding risers and sweeps to your transitions.

Transit is available now priced at an intro price of $49 - then up to $99

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