Arturia's New Acid V - Corrosive Bassline Machine

US A 303 with extra drive      22/08/23

Everybody needs a 303 right? And there are a lot of them to choose from - in both hardware and software. Today Arturia announces their own take on the classic little Bassline machine  - the Acid V.

Arturia ACID V mods

On the surface it looks like a regular 303 emulation but actually there's more - with additional modulation options - three multistage function type generators - that can do single cycle complex envelopes or LFO style shapes - routable all over.

Plus extended parameters such as: Bass Boost, PW, Accent Attack, Cut Off Range, Pitch Tracking, Noise Gain and Clipper.

Arturia ACID V FX

Also a three slot Effects engine with Tape Echo, Reverb, Multi-filter and Multi-band compressor, and a dedicated distortion stage with multiple types of drive and distortion.


Acid V is currently on offer to new and existing users, together with V Collection 9 deals - login to your account at to see your deal.


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