Sonic LAB: IK UNO Synth Pro X Review

US 3 Osc mono/para gets a refresh      18/08/23

We take a look at the new Uno Synth Pro X from IK Multimedia - rather than a fully new instrument, this is an update for their Uno Synth Pro Desktop which we really enjoyed when we took a look.

The X is only available in this form and adds a whole lot of extra UI and physical controls to ultimately the same (or very similar) synth engine.

There are however some differences:-

  • New Hardware UI with metal top plate (no capacitive touch keyboard and strips)
  • Additional Envelope Generator ENV3
  • USB-C connection for MIDI (and included additional PSU with separate connection)
  • Vib and Chorus Ensemble in place of flange and phase
  • Shimmer Reverb Algorithm
  • Bassline Mode - modifies the behaviour of the synth engine, adds accenting controls to the sequencer.

Available now priced at £510(ish) and around $499 Street
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