Podcast: Sonic TALK - Soundproof Moth, AVID Sale, Stylophone Beat

US Sonic Ware Liven lofi-6, questions      17/08/23

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74:5 mins


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00:00:16 SHOW START
00:01:29 AD: Patreon
00:03:52 EMOM Dates
00:12:02 Moth Inspired Sound Proofing
00:20:26 AD: UVI FX Bundle
00:22:18 Q Button Press:
00:23:08 AVID Sold for $1.4bn
00:38:05 AD: iZotope Music Essentials
00:38:51 Q Button Press:
00:39:55 Stylophone Beat
00:45:44 Sonic Ware Liven Lofi-6
00:56:55 nickhowesuk asks via - [twitch] - QQ Comments recently online seemed to think that some influencers were not realistically reviewing products (either being snide about some manufacturers or too positive on some) This has been a long time criticism of magazines with advertisement bias. What's the panel's thoughts?

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