Stylophone Beat - The Drum Machine You Didnt Know You Needed

US Cheap as chips too      15/08/23

Been a while since we've heard from Dubreq, the makers of the original Stylophone and in more recent times, their foray into more serious synth territory with the Gen R8 (seen for £800 on Reverb!) and the more monotron-a-like Gen X1.

Now they have announced the Stylophone  Beat - a dead simple, low cost "pocket drum machine" which keeps the good 'ol stylus on a wire approach but swaps out the keyboard for a circle of drum zones.

Stylophone Beat seems to be digital sample based with 4 bass and 4 drum sounds (mix and match) , you can record and loop, battery operated, with tiny speaker and audio out.

Its very inexpensive too with pre-orders being taken - assuming the boat full of these little critters will arrive in time for the Christmas market.

Price: £29.96/€34.95/$39.94

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