Podcast: Sonic TALK 766 Shazam Tech, IK UNO Synth Pro X

US Freebies and more      10/08/23

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83:3 mins


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00:00:12 SHOW START
00:02:36 AD: Patreon
00:16:07 The Tech Behind Shazam
00:26:11 AD: UVI FX Bundle
00:27:49 Best free/gifted item you have
00:32:39 New IK Uno Synth Pro X
00:40:30 AD: iZotope Music Essentials
00:41:46 Oops. Live
00:59:18 Worlds Longest Electronic Music Set
01:10:00 Rapscallion asks via - [irc] - QQ hey Nick is there a vetting process with the EMOM? or are you letting any one with something to play play ?

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