Free Library For Kontakt 7 Player & NKS

US Rainsong is created from a variety of natural rain ambiences and raindrop sound effects      09/08/23

Soundiron has introduced an enhanced version of their free library Rainsong. They say that, created from a variety of natural rain ambiences and raindrop sound effects, crafted into playable sound-designed synths, pads, atmospheric soundscapes and percussive sfx, it's full of playable musical elements, as well as useful sonic elements and Foley for video games, animation, film and songwriting.

A spokesperson told us, "Built specifically for the Kontakt 7 Player & NKS, it ensures seamless integration and effortless control. With 20 hand-crafted ambient pads, 12 wavetables, and 20 custom FX presets, Rainsong allows you to layer custom electric soundscapes, perform water-based synthesis, and generate a sonic storm of creativity."

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