Korg Bring Gadget To Meta Quest VR Headsets

US Virtual studio even more virtual      21/07/23

Korg continue to quietly push the boundaries of what you can do on new technology platforms, with their Gadget Music Production collection - the iOS implementation is considered to be one of the best of the bunch.

After quite a while in development (they first showed some demo footage in 2021), using the power of the Unreal Engine, they've released an early access version which takes you into a virtual studio setup. As you can see with the trailer, its like being inside a DAW but with virtual plug-in instances surrounding you physically.

The software is available only for Meta Quest and Quest Pro  from Facebook, who have been trying to refocus on their Meta VR world (so far without much headway).
The Meta Quest 2 is around $299 and the Pro around $999 though there is a Quest 3 coming soon too.

Aside from the flashy trailer, VJ Franz K has been taking a look around and it does seem compelling, though we were aching to see some shortcuts to common actions introduced as manipulating and selecting menus from the hand held wands looks painfully clunky.

Korg are to be applauded for pushing the envelope, though we cant help but think its a solution looking for a problem to fix.

Korg Gadget VR is available from the Steam store priced at $29.99

Note: there is a disclaimer that the software is Early Access and may (or may not) change further.



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