Stereo Ambient Reverb Stompbox

US Walrus Audio releases Slöer with with selectable narrow, medium, and wide stereo settings      18/07/23

Stereo Ambient Reverb Stompbox

Walrus Audio has widened their Slö Reverb family with the Slöer Stereo Ambient Reverb. They say that the Slöer is a variant of the Slö and adds expansive stereo functionality with selectable strengths between narrow, medium, and wide stereo settings. Here's more details direct from the company...

In addition to mind-bending the aural experience, the Slöer introduces two all-new programs to explore: Rain, which employs diffusible delay taps, and Light, which incorporates an octave-up shimmer. The Slöer also brings in two new modulation wave shapes: Square and Random.

For more layers of texture, Walrus has added Stretch. The Stretch control allows players to manipulate the sample rate of the onboard DSP chip, lengthening reverb time, darkening tonality, and introducing unique sample-based artifacts. The sample rate is the frequency that audio passes through DSP processing. Combine deep modulation, long washy trails, on-board presets, and an immersive stereo field to experience Slöer.

Key Features

The Slöer Stereo Ambient Reverb builds on the Slö lineup adding stereo options, new programs, and mod wave shapes.

  • Five custom algorithms. Dark (Lower octave), Rise (Volume Swell), Dream (Latching Pad reverb), Rain (Reverb with delay taps), and Light (Octave up shimmer).
  • Stretch control to manipulate the sample rate of the reverb.
  • Five custom modulated settings: Sine, Warp, Sink, Square, and Random.
  • Three adjustable stereo width settings.
  • Available in two colours: midnight blue or matte black

Pricing and Availability:
399 EUR / 339 GBP

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