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US InstaComposer 2 is an advanced AI MIDI Tool      07/07/23

W.A. Production has introduced InstaComposer 2, which they describe as an advanced AI MIDI Tool taking its popular InstaComposer MIDI creation station plug-in predecessor to another level.

A spokesperson told us, "It introduces new features and improvements that enhance the user experience with more MIDI tracks, scenes, new scales, and new modes married with enhanced generative coding and superior performance to make practicable new ideas flow more quickly than ever before by producing a wide variety of musical elements, including melodies, phrases, riffs, and chord progressions to provide both beginners and professional musicians with endless possibilities for creating unique and engaging music in any genre or style while working with an intuitive interface and advanced algorithms allowing them to focus on the creative aspect of music production without having to think about composing every note."

Here's the full details direct from the company...

Ever experienced those testing moments when creativity runs dry? Do not fear, for InstaComposer 2 is the ultimate musical muse. Indeed, infinite inspiration is at the creative core of the thinking behind making InstaComposer 2 what it is -- an advanced MIDI generation plug-in designed to revolutionise music creation. By building upon the solid foundation of W.A. Production's popular InstaComposer -- itself released to widespread critical acclaim in its original incarnation in October 2021, InstaComposer 2 truly represents an even more attractive proposition, with exciting new features and improvements to enhance the user experience. Example highlights include an ability to organise ideas and song parts with eight new so-called 'scenes' -- Scene 1 through to Scene 8 -- that provide a convenient way to store different variations within a single preset; upgraded Scale support, with 22 additional scales ranging from Arabic and Spanish through to Miyako Bushi, Ryukyu, and more; a new virtual keyboard and highlighted chord menus to help with scale and chord selection; and melodies that can be generated in different modes and paired with unique chord progressions for each scale. Speaking of which, InstaComposer 2 adds two new-generation modes to its notable name -- namely, Drums, enabling effortless generation of drum lines (supporting a wide variety of complexity levels, styles, and time signatures), and Pad 2, facilitating creation of a fuller, richer sound (by combining Pad and Chord modes). AI algorithms have been further improved for rhythm, phrase, and melody generation, conjuring more refined results, while new additions like the Sustain parameter -- provides control over the length of the notes that are going to be generated -- and a Chord Helper -- highlights the notes for the selected chord on the virtual keyboard -- help take things to another level entirely.

Each new starting point for InstaComposer 2 generates a unique result to ensure that users never run out of fresh ideas and possibilities for their compositions, ultimately. Unlike random note generation, InstaComposer 2 employs meticulously crafted algorithms and databases to produce musical ideas. Indeed, it constructs rhythmic and melodic structures that sound correct by mimicking human creativity -- selecting notes that fit the given scale and context, and creating cohesive phrases that complement underlying chords. Clearly, InstaComposer 2 'understands' the human brain's affinity for pattern recognition. After all, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is involved in making InstaComposer 2 do what it does -- different shapes and formats are used to build captivating combinations of beats and bars, adding rhythmic and melodic consistency often found in chart-topping music. Moreover, by using smaller musical chunks that repeat or occur in various forms throughout the melody, InstaComposer 2 builds larger blocks, creating a sense of unity throughout its user's music-making interactions. It even harmonises notes to enrich the sonics (depending on selected mode and settings), resulting in a more cohesive composition as it aligns melody to chords. Adjustable AI controls -- Generate Chords generates harmonious sequences of chords inspired by the most commonly used chord progressions, for instance -- and a convenient Chaos control -- ensures everything remains under control by preventing unwanted chaotic situations such as notes repeating excessively, jumping erratically, or climbing too far in one direction -- mean that users can comfortably remain in charge of how InstaComposer 2 develops ideas (and how far it strays from any set rules), while fine-tuning of chord complexity, note population, beat and bar structuring, pattern generation, harmonisation, velocity randomisation, and more are always available.

As an advanced AI MIDI Tool, InstaComposer 2 includes complex algorithms for generating Melody (generates a wide variety of melodies and phrases), Riff (similar to Melody, but with shorter phrases, more repeating patterns, and more restricted structures), Ostinato (generates short melodic phrases that keep repeating, often ignoring chord changes underneath), Rhythm (generates more harmonies, focusing on rhythmic patterns and chord notes), Bass (generates bass lines that compliment chords and melodies being played), Chord (focuses on the chord notes with options to inverse chords and add bass notes), and Pad (emphasises longer notes often focusing on harmonies based on underlying chords). Creatively exploring the potential of these modes means users are always uncovering unique and compelling music. Moreover, with those eight scenes available alongside six tracks -- Track 1 through to Track 6, InstaComposer 2 offers flexibility and organisation for multiple layers, alternative variations, and different song parts within a single preset.

Put it this way: with a user-friendly piano-roll interface at their fingertips, users can effortlessly manoeuvre, duplicate, and remove notes, and even change velocity to effectively breathe life into their riffs, while the onboard MIDI editor can be used to tweak the output of InstaComposer 2, meaning music can be manipulated before it even leaves the plug-in. Personalised style and creativity can be easily added to the AI-generated phrases, in other words.

Modifying MIDI playback directly within the InstaComposer 2 interface itself is also on offer -- simply save the output as a MIDI file or conveniently drag and drop it into a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). It is also worth noting here that each track can be saved separately. Setting up multi-channel instruments as an alternative workflow also allows for routing MIDI from InstaComposer 2 into virtual instruments to preview all six tracks simultaneously -- and all without ever having to leave the plug-in environment.

It is fair to say, then, that by taking its popular plug-in predecessor to another level as InstaComposer 2, W.A. Production has surely succeeded in creating the only MIDI creation station anyone could conceivably wish for... today, tomorrow, and into the foreseeable future!

Pricing and Availability:
Introductory promo price: $32.70 USD until August 17, 2023 (regular price: $109.00)

Owners of the original InstaComposer can upgrade to InstaComposer 2 for $10.00

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