The Cheapest MIDI Home Studio of 1988

US CTRIX explores the Atari ST and more      04/07/23

debuglive aka CTRIX is back with another video, this time looking at the Atari ST and some of the more budget 'black box' synths. He also looks at Cubase on the ST as well as a demo version of DR T's MIDI Recording Studio. It's a great lowdown on what you could do with yoru money on a budget in the late 80s. More from the video:

Take an Atari ST, 4 budget synths from 1988, and spend months seeing how far they can go - all while staring at a black-and-white CRT! I took me over a year to make this given most of the equipment was DOA and keeping in mind there's another part coming later this year.

Massive thanks to mu:zines and for their incredible collections. This led me to all the cheapest gear that people were actually using back in the day.

Thanks also to all those I reached out to who verified most of the findings and gave me amazing insights to the gear of the day. Gear used: Atari 520ST (mostly), Roland MT-100, Yamaha MusicStation PSS-580, Kawai K1, Yamaha EMT-10, Dr T MIDI Recording Studio, Cubase 1.5 and Rotel mini system.


Debuglive on youtube:


About the author [midierror]: midierror makes nifty Max For Live devices, innovative music hardware, award winning sample packs and hosts a podcast speaking to people in the music world.

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