Korg's Enlargement Continues With OPSIX SE And SE Platinum

US More polyhony, aftertouch      27/06/23

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Korg have applied the same approach to the OPSIX as they did with last week's resizing of the Wavestate with an OPSIX SE adding 61 keys - yay!, Aftertouch - yay!, More polyphony to 80 voices - yay! and sticking the main UI in the middle of the larger sized metal case - boo!

The OPSIX is a great instrument and was the second in the smaller format that gave us the Wavestate and the Modwave,  OPSIX makes FM synthesis easier to get a handle on and adds a bunch of UI controls for more of a hands on experience - we loved it (and bought one).

The new OPSIX SE comes in at a hefty £1899 GBP..€2189 EUR compared to the original which you can find for around £449 (no its not discontinued) -  its a major leap in cost. We wonder if they might consider a desktop version?

True, you do get up to 80 voices of FM which is handy if you have a sustain pedal addiction, though  theres no multi-timbral operation to take advantage of the extra notes. A metal case, a 61 note aftertouch and velocity keybed are also added.

Korg OPSIX Platinum SE

The OPSIX Platinum SE is the same but with a different, silverish case and costs £2080 or so. We're not entirely sure why you would want to pay extra, unless you have a fetish for silver - it happens.

The new OPSIX models are available for preorder at the retailers we checked, with an expected delivery towards the end of July (in the UK)


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