Roland Introduces E-X10 Arranger Keyboard

US An affordable portable instrument with features derived from high-end Roland keyboards      21/06/23

Roland Introduces E-X10 Arranger Keyboard

Roland has introduced the E-X10 Arranger Keyboard, which they describe as a stylish and affordable portable instrument with quality features derived from high-end Roland keyboards. Here's the details direct from Roland...

The E-X10 offers expressive acoustic pianos and hundreds of other sounds, an auto-accompaniment function, a microphone input, and an extensive song library for play-along enjoyment. The sleek mobile design includes an onboard stereo speaker system, a headphones jack, and support for battery-powered operation, enabling E-X10 users to have fun with music anytime and anywhere.
For over 50 years, Roland has been a trusted leader in electronic instruments for professional musicians around the world. With an attractive look, quality sounds, and versatile features inspired by the company's premium pianos and synthesizers, the E-X10 gives beginners and music enthusiasts a solid foundation for growing creative skills and making music a part of daily life.
The E-X10 includes acoustic piano sounds with superior tone quality and expression descended from Roland's award-winning home and stage pianos. The 61-note keyboard features piano-style keys with a comfortable, responsive feel for establishing proper techniques that translate to other keyboard instruments.  
Along with acoustic pianos, the E-X10 is filled with additional sounds to explore a universe of musical styles. Over 600 selections include everything from electric pianos, organs, and orchestral instruments to synthesizers for modern genres. Numerous world music sounds are also available for playing regional styles.
Learning music is always engaging and exciting with the E-X10. Users can play along with 140 onboard songs or connect a mobile device via the aux input and jam with favorites from their music library. Going further, the auto-accompaniment function enables them to command a full band with the left hand as they play along with the right. Over 200 preset styles are available, from rock, pop, and jazz to ballads, modern dance music, and more.
Each onboard song includes three lessons with scoring to help build accuracy. There's also a metronome, a time-honored essential for developing good timing. And with the recording feature, users can capture their keyboard playing to evaluate their progress.
The friendly E-X10 interface offers an informative display and dedicated buttons for accessing essential functions. Tone, song, and style categories are listed on the panel, allowing for quick navigation without referring to the manual.
Thanks to its light and portable design (3.9 kg/8.6 lb.), it's easy to carry the E-X10 and play anywhere. The onboard stereo speaker system provides full, clear sound and rich low-end response, and it's possible to plug in headphones and mute the speakers for private practice sessions that won't disturb others. The keyboard can be powered with the included adaptor or via six AA batteries for up to three hours of playing time on the go.
The E-X10 also features a microphone input for singing with the music through the keyboard's sound system. And with the USB jack, the keyboard can be used as a MIDI controller with music composition software and learning apps on a computer.  

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