New RME AD/DA Converters

US M-32 Pro II Series debuts      16/06/23

New RME AD/DA Converters

RME has launched four M-32 Pro II converters, succeeding the M-32 Pro series. This is what they have to say about them...

Designed for professional studios, immersive sound installations, live sound systems, and industrial applications, the M-32 Pro II is crafted for high-quality analogue conversion and advanced network audio processing.

Analogue Line Level Performance

The M-32 Pro II converters are packed with state-of-the-art, high-resolution converter components that ensure a signal-to-noise ratio of 120 dB(A) and low latencies, making them a reference class of their own. While the M-32 AD Pro II offers the same outstanding analogue performance as its predecessor, the DA-Converter has even improved the THD+N to 111 dB. Impulse response optimization at high sampling rates further refines the conversion process.

For wide compatibility, the M-32 Pro II series offers individual channel switching to different studio levels while maintaining full converter resolution. Notably, the series provides the SMPTE recommended +24 dBu at 0 dBFS, accommodating louder analogue signals than most multichannel converters.

Superior Integration & Compatibility

Dante connectivity was a frequent request and has been integrated to run natively on the M-32 Pro II-D hardware. It provides direct connectivity to other audio devices via standard switches – and allows users to directly record and play back up to 64 channels from their computer to any of the M-32's analogue and digital I/O using Audinate's Dante Virtual SoundcardTM.

The AVB models transmit and receive up to 128 channels at 48 kHz (96@96k, 64@192k) and precise, fixed latency across the entire network. Each device reveals its status and configurable options to ATDECC controllers on the network, allowing it to be integrated into time aware systems using the open IEEE 1722.1 standard.

All devices come equipped with a range of advanced features. A second network port has been added to provide redundancy or allow daisy-chaining within the same network (Dante model only). Word Clock BNC and coaxial MADI connectors are built in, and optical MADI can be added with an optional SFP module -- making it ideal for applications that require high channel counts at high sampling rates. Channels from both MADI ports can be individually routed to and from AVB/ Dante.

Easy to Operate

In addition, the M-32 Pro II Series features intuitive user interfaces. The 2-inch high-resolution color display with encoder knob provides comprehensive status feedback at a glance and control of settings directly on the front panel, including clock configuration, preset management, single channel routing across all analogue and digital I/O, redundant power supply monitoring and many other features. A web-based user interface can be reached over network and USB, and the device can further be controlled via ATDECC (AVB model only), JSON and SysEx MIDI remote control for seamless integration.

Updates included

RME also demonstrates its commitment to longevity with continual firmware updates, having enhanced the previous generation M-32 Pro's with an increase of AVB total stream and channel count, numerous adjustments for MILANTM compatibility, Preset handling and more.

Pricing and Availability:

The M-32 Pro II and M-32 Pro II-D Series are expected to being shipping Q3 2023.

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