Podcast: Sonic TALK 759 - Apple, Controllers, Rebirth Control

US Plus Listener Questions      08/06/23


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00:23:16 SHOW START
00:34:17 EMOM Dates
00:35:18 Apple did some things...
00:54:16 AD: iZotope Summer Of Sound
00:55:27 Great Idea for Controller + Display
01:02:44 AD: Baby Audio - Save 15% With ST2023 Code
01:04:08 Look Mum No Computer Contoller
01:12:38 Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit asks via - [youtube] - QQ when is something too cheap
01:18:21 Rockky67 asks via - [youtube] - QQ. Nick any chance of you demoing the new Modal Carbon 8 soon? Didnt say when its coming out.
01:21:44 midi129 asks via - [youtube] - QQ Apple Vision if you wear glasses?

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