Podcast: Sonic TALK 758 - MPC One+, SDE3000D, SSL UF-1

US And more      01/06/23

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69:50 mins


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00:00:13 SHOW START
00:12:27 SSL UF-1 Compact DAW Control
00:29:32 AD: Baby Audio - Save 15% With ST2023 Code
00:30:22 MPC One +
00:39:33 AD: iZotope Summer Of Sound
00:40:32 Boss Bring back the SD Delay
00:53:20 Cell based Drum machine
00:57:26 jimh0 asks via - [twitch] - QQ: On the usual forums the cost of Push 3 has been upsetting some as have recent TE products. When is something 'too expensive'?


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