Who Wrote The Sabres Of Paradise - Smokebelch II ?

US Similarities with earlier release by Lamont Booker      23/05/23

You're listening to the original version of Smokebelch II (The New Age Of Faith by Lamont Booker), which cemented it's place as a timeless after hours track from Sabres of Paradise. It appears to be a more than slightly contentious re-imagination of this original track by Lamont Booker. While some versions of the SoP release did mention this original, many did not, as reported by this 909 Originals article. Granted, the MIDI is a little loose on this version! 

The article explains...

...while the track is and will always be associated with Weatherall, Kooner et all, it wouldn't have existed at all without a little-known 1989 EP by Lamont Booker, aka the self-styled 'prince of dance music',L.B. Bad.

Released on Nu Groove Records, which was also home to Frankie Bones, Bobby Konders and others, The True Story Of House Music is a six-track release largely built around the title track, a Chicago-style composition featuring spoken word vocals extolling the virtues of house music.

But it's the 'new age bonus track' hidden away on side B, The New Age Of Faith – which is split into three 'acts', The Sea: Birth; The Land: Life; and The Stars: Faith In Heaven – that is the most intriguing.

To put it bluntly, it basically ISSmokebelchII, albeit a looser, stripped-back version – akin to a 'demo' version of the Sabres of Paradise classic.

It was later admitted by Danny Rampling: 

"Smokebelch comes from a track, New Age Of Faith, LB Bad, it's a track that I used to open sets with at Shoom," Rampling said. "It was released in 1989, Nugroove Records. That is the basis of Smokebelch.

Here is the full article: https://909originals.com/2021/03/02/origins-of-sabres-of-paradises-smokebelch-ii/

And the Sabres of Paradise Beatless mix: 


How do you feel about this mix against the original? 


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