Virsyn Introduces New iOS Sound Library

US XinematiX - KARO Cinematic sounds released      23/05/23

Virsyn tells us that XinematiX establishes a new high-level standard for sampling libraries for iOS. Here's the story in their own words...

XinematiX delivers over 25 GB of premium sounds that are the result of over 3 years of recording and programming work by legendary sample sound producer KARO Sound Development, brought to you by music app guru Harry Gohs. Unlimited creative possibilities and ease of use - that's what XinematiX is all about.

XinematiX is available now for free in the App Store and comes with 4 Sounds to try out. You can purchase up to 62 additional sound libraries with 990 sounds in total in the App.

XinematiX is for iPad, a version for iPhone is in preparation.

Pricing and Availability:
Free at the App Store. In-app purchases available

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