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US Audio interface too      23/05/23

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Ableton have announced that they have a new version of Push - after many years in the making.

As well as being a controller  with all new Pads, plus audio interface for a connected computer running Live, the new Push can now be upgraded to run in standalone mode and essentially be a hardware Ableton Live running on a dedicated Push device.  Yep, full standalone with a battery for a power free experience (+/-2.5hrs) . It will run the latest version of Live including all devices included in Ableton Live Suite plus MAX4Live too.

Session interchange - sessions are freely portable between Push Standalone and Live sessions on a computer. Sessions and files are transferred over WIFI, with a new browser area on the host Live session for drag and drop.

We saw this in action and a pretty large session came across from the laptop in a reasonably quick timeframe, we also saw it go back the other way.

Though it should be noted that for now, third party plug-ins (VSTs) used in sessions on the computer will need to be printed to audio to ensure compatibility with Push Standalone - essentially they haven't sorted out authorization for 3rd party stuff and so they wont run on Push Standalone.

If you don't already own Ableton Live, Push Standalone comes with Live Intro plus a selection of sound packs, but if you have Ableton Live or Live Suite, you can authorise it on Push Standalone and off you go.

Push without the standalone upgrade will give you a newly designed set of pads with full MPE  functionality, velocity, pressure, slide position - which can be used to integrate into the Live Devices, plus a 10 in 12 out audio interface:

  • New custom jog/shuttle wheel for faster navigation
  • 64 newly designed MPE capable pads
  • 2x analog outs
  • 2x analog inputs
  • ADAT 8 channels of IO
  • MIDI io on 1/8th adapters
  • USB host port for external MIDI devices
  • 2x Pedal connections that can be configured as 4 channels of CV/Gate
  • Routable Headphone out.

In Standalone mode - you get 256GB of SSD storage for all your soundpacks, samples and whatnot, 8GB of RAM and the CPU to run a full version of Ableton Suite including MAX4Live.

The upgrade can be added later if you just want to start with a regular Push and is user installable.

Full list of features listed below.
Push regular (not Standalone) is £879/$999 and the upgraded (Standalone version) is £1669/$1999

Upgrade kits will be available later this year priced at around $1000.

Ableton have made it clear that they want to ensure that future increases in computing power could mean that the hardware can be upgraded as they become available. They are using  a specially-adapted Intel® NUC Compute Element, which is a credit card sized sealed unit. These are available in higher spec configurations and Ableton have said that they eventually want to be able to offer upgrades.


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