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US The new spectral oscillator      19/05/23

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Officially announced at Superbooth, the Make Noise Spectraphon is another collab with the brilliant mind of Tom Erbe of Soundhack, who has worked with Make Noise to create an unusual new Dual Oscillator Module.

The Spectraphon is the first modular to be build on the new digital hardware platform, a concept engineered by Tony Rolando and Jeff Snyder, it offers more i/o at higher resolutions and a lower noise floor.

Spectraphon has two sides, A and B which offer Spectral Amplitude Modulation (SAM) and Spectral Array Modulation (SAO).

Tom Erbe's DSP code allows for real-time spectral analysis and resynthesis to create new sounds from the inputs. Harmonics can be focussed or swept for some really unusual tones.

The Dual Digital VCO has 8 simultaneous outputs, 10 CV inputs, 2 gate inputs and 2 audio inputs.

Spectral Amplitude Modulation (SAM) creates spectral oscillations based on continuous analysis of the audio at the input

Spectral Array Oscillation (SAO) creates spectral oscillations based on stored sets of spectra called Arrays, which are created in the SAM mode

Each of the two VCOs operates independently in SAO or SAM, in any combination.

It's a truly unique sound generation module. 

MATTHS (aka Matt Hodson) takes us on a journey through the Spectraphon.

It is available now priced at £599/$599



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