Superbooth 2023:Join the Vibrant Synth Community at GSD Live

US Connecting Artists and Enthusiasts Online      18/05/23

We spoke to Robin from GSD Live at Superbooth 2023, where they showcased their online synthesizer community. With 100s members, GSD Live offers a supportive and non-toxic environment for synth enthusiasts. Through their Discord forum, members can engage in discussions, seek troubleshooting advice, and share their passion for synths. GSD Live also focuses on live streaming, providing guidance on setting up and connecting with a wider audience. They organize events like the raid train, where artists take turns performing one-hour sets, exposing their music to new listeners. The community is open to all, and membership is free. To join the GSD Live community, visit their website and explore their Discord forum.

For more information and to join the GSD Live community, visit their website:GSD.Live

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