Superbooth 2023: AE Modular Break The 100 Modules Barrier

US Unique format is proving popular      18/05/23

AE Modular made a strong impression at Superbooth 2023 with their extensive collection of modules, surpassing the milestone of 100 different modules. Robert, representing AE Modular, expressed his pride in the development and the growing inspiration from the community. Notably, they introduced the Reins and Cirrus modules, which are faithful clones of Mutable Instruments' Rings and Clouds respectively, offering a classic ambient duo in their format. Additionally, AE Modular unveiled a prototype sample player module that allows users to play 8-bit WAV files directly from a micro SD card, providing loop options and crossfading. Another exciting development is the introduction of a high-quality aluminum case, designed by Tom from KUA, which offers sturdiness, expandability, and the ability to remove modules on the fly without screws. AE Modular's commitment to affordability is also evident in their micro modules line, which provides simpler functionalities in a compact form factor. To join the AE Modular community, visit their forum at

For more information about AE Modular and their modules, visit their website:

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