Superbooth 2023:Vermona meloDICER Expander Module

US CV control of every parameter      15/05/23

We spoke to Tomas Haller from Vermona at Superbooth 2023 about their new expansion module for the meloDICER, a random-based sequencer. The new module allows users to control every parameter of the meloDICER via MIDI, enabling automation for every parameter and MIDI output. The meloDICER has a basic note value with a random variation, legato probability, and rest probability.

The probability for each note can be set by adjusting the faders, and the higher the fader, the more probability for the note. The module also adds a second and third voice with accent probability, new rhythms, and melodies. The start and end points for the sequence can be set, and there is a free-running mode with complete random melodies within the scales. The expansion module is expected to be released in summer 2023 for around 200 euros.

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