Superbooth 2023: Korg Berlin's New Acoustic Synthesizer Concept

US Tats and the team continue to innovate      15/05/23

Tatsuya Takahashi  (Tats)  continues to innovate from his labs at Korg Berlin, he revealed their latest innovation - acoustic synthesis. Tats explained that Korg Berlin has developed metal resonators that are designed to contain frequencies that are pleasing to the ear. The resonators move in complex ways when stimulated, with the fundamental frequency creating a sense of pitch. Korg Berlin uses an electromagnetic system to move the resonators, similar to the hammer in a piano. The company then uses capacitive pickups to capture the movement and feed it into a feedback control system, allowing them to manipulate and sustain specific overtones and frequencies. Korg Berlin showcased an early prototype of the technology, which they called the "acoustic synth phase five."

More info: Korg Berlin has yet to release any products, but you can learn more about the company and its mission on their website:



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