Superbooth 2023: Industrial Music Electronics - Stilson Hammer MK3 and More

US Andre Jr, and Volkmire's Inferno      15/05/23

At Superbooth 2023, we spoke to the legend that is Scott Jaeger from Industrial Music Electronics (formerly Harvestman) about the new products he has on display. First up is the Stilson Hammer Mark III, a redesigned version of the Mark II sequencer with improved reliability and added features such as gate buttons for each track, extra gate or CV outputs per track, and an OLED display. The Mark III also boasts an improved quantizer, the ability to back up sequences to SD card, and an enhanced song mode and preset chaining. Jaeger explains that the OLED display provides immediate feedback of the internal memory states and helps with chaining patterns into a song, allowing for more powerful performance gestures and individualized style of playing.

Jaeger also demonstrated the Andre Jr., a VCA-based analog low-pass gate circuit with a dual digital envelope generator that can be modulated to develop the dynamics of a sequence through careful modulation of the envelope's velocity. However, the most significant module on display is the Volkmire's Inferno, a granular synthesizer that can load WAV files from an SD card or record from a live input. With independent pitch and playback speed control, the grain generation can be further modified with various parameters such as density and turbidity, providing a unique and customizable sound. The prototype also features a diffuser effect with a feedback loop, assignable CV inputs, trigger inputs for transport control, and a stereo spread control. Industrial Music Electronics is hoping to produce these prototypes by the end of the year.

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