Superbooth 2023: Shakmat Modular - 4 New Modules

US Clock O'Pawn MKII,Centaur's Gates, Battering Ram and Archer's Rig      13/05/23

We spoke to Francois from Shakmat Modular at Superbooth 2023, who introduced us to their four new modules. First up is the Clock O' Pawn MK2, a new version of a previous clock generation model. They also showcased the Centaur's Gates, which is a dual multi-type gate that allows for different kinds of VCF, LPG, or VCA. The Battering Ram and Arches Rig are two new modules in their German model line. The Battering Ram is a collaboration with Mark Nostrom, an instrument and plug-in designer, and is a synthesis-based kick drum that has controls for pitch, decay, drive, and click. It has a gate or trigger mode and also features a volt-active input. The module also comes with a store and recall function that allows you to make a snapshot of all the controls. 

Next up, Shakmat Modular introduced the Archer's Rig, a high hat generator that bridges the gap between analog and digital synthesis. The module features digital sensors processed by analog VCA, VCF, and distortion. There are various algorithms based on different square waves, such as 808 squares, and noise. The Archer's Rig has 10 different algorithms and eight different effects that allow for a lot of sonic possibilities. The module also allows for 96 presets and has a random generator for each parameter. 

All modules Available Autumn 2023.

Battering Ram Price: 270 Euros.

Clock O'Pawn Price 180 Euros

Centaur's Gates Price: 330 Euros

More information and pricing can be found on their website.



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