Superbooth 2023: Rides In The Storm - SED CSM Synth Module

US Fully discrete synth module designed by Uwe George      13/05/23

We spoke to Uwe George from Rides In The Storm, who showcased their upcoming SED CSM voice module at Superbooth 2023. This all discrete component module features three sub-oscillators, a wave folder, ring modulator, noise generator, and a mixer. Additionally, it boasts two envelope generators with two trigger outs, a glide function, and LFO sections with shape function and sample and hold. The module also includes a 24dB discrete filter unit with overdrive and a VCA with modulation in for tremolo effect. The patch field provides access to all the functions, and the module will be available in shops in June for around €420.

In addition to the acid DC's M voice model, Rides In The Storm also unveiled the BOC, a second oscillator module that includes four sub-oscillators, a wave folder, sinus out, and CV control. The sub-oscillators can be set independently in pulse width and pulse width modulation, and the first oscillator can be set with three different waveforms. The Buck module will be available in the summer for around €160. Rides In The Storm also previewed the Storm Nest case, a slim travel case that fits all their skiff models and comes with a travel bag and an internal power supply. The case will be available for around €200.

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