Superbooth 2023: Reliq - Hybrid Control Surface

US Reliq reveal their first product, a new hybrid control surface      13/05/23

We spoke to Kyriakos from Reliq at Superbooth 2023 and got a sneak peek of their upcoming hybrid control surface. This control surface comes with a breakout module and can be plugged into any eurorack case with a standard power supply. The control surface has 16 inputs and 16 outputs that accept any audio level, line level, eurorack level, or control voltage. The surface also has 32 CV outs, 16 gates, and three MIDI outs, as well as a USB host and a breakout connection. The device features a 16-rack step sequencer, which can be used to create a matrix sequencer. The sequencer has a step mode, but the company is also working on euclidean modes, followers, and small emitter tracking. The sequencer parameters are non-destructive, and users can change the pitch, velocity, and duration of each step. The company plans to transform the grid into a piano roll, and users will be able to enter notes directly on the panel. They are also working on isomorphic keyboards and clip integration.

Reliq's hybrid control surface is still in the alpha stage, but the company hopes to move to beta in the next few months. The device is designed to control any instrument from a single interface, whether analog, digital, sequencer, or eurorack. Although the company cannot make any promises, they hope to release the device soon.

Reliq Hybrid Control Surface Price: 1,600Euros. Early order Price: 1,099

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