Superbooth 2023: Norand - Norand Mono MK 2

US A little synth with an endless mod matrix is deeper than it looks      13/05/23

We spoke to Mathieu from Norand about their new synth, Norand MK 2, a fully analog synthesizer with a sequencer and super fast patch-changing. While it may appear to be a basic synthesizer at first glance, the device offers an array of features that make it pretty deep. For instance, each parameter has its own modulator and envelope, allowing users to modulate the filter and add an LFO on the frequency with ease. The sequencer allows users to sequence notes and patches, making it easy to achieve something really interesting in just a few minutes.

The oscillator is a triangle core that is slightly skewed, giving it a unique sound. The filter is fully continuous and state-variable, allowing users to move between band pass, low pass, and high pass. The super quick patch shifting even allows you to turn the synth into a drum machine, the pads have x, y and z pressure sensitivity and is capable of moving between standard synth sounds and deep into glitchy weird territory.

Norand MK 2 Available June 2023. Price: 840 Euros

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