Superbooth 2023: German Audio Labs - U2379 Tube Distortion Amplifier

US Is this the biggest distortion pedal ever?      13/05/23

German Audio Lab's Roger showcased his latest creation, the U2379, a distortion amplifier prototype that can produce a wide range of fine or ugly sounds. The distortion amplifier is the first station to make the first harmonic section for changing frequencies. It has a tone cutter like a guitar to cut away high-frequency noises. The prototype uses point-to-point wiring with three German tubes and is like the biggest guitar distortion pedal one could possibly get. The Crazy-Tube Crusher, is a distillation of the U2379, reduced to a smaller size and has separate noise and distortion controls for highs, mids, and lows, as well as a dry/wet mix knob. 

German Audio Lab also showcased a microphone amplifier for ribbon mics, three equalizers, and the Tilt Boxx EQ giving a tilt of plus or minus 5dB.

The Crazy-Tube Crusher Price: 1,500 Euros. 

Tilt Boxx Eq Price: 700 Euros



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