Superbooth 2023: Pittsburgh Modular - Taiga

US Close up and personal with a Taiga      12/05/23

We spoke to Richard Nicol, CEO of Pittsburgh Modular at Superbooth 2023. While they are not presenting anything new, they are proud to show Taiga, which is only a few months old. The three-oscillator monosynth with dedicated wave folders and unique waveforms. They call the initial wave shape "seeds," and their wave folder allows them to hit it in fascinating ways and create unique sounds that are not found elsewhere. They aim to innovate at the same pace as digital synthesis, adding unique features to analog synthesis. Richard also talked about their dynamics controller, which is similar to a low-pass gate, providing organic plucky sounds that decay naturally.

Pittsburgh Modular is sneaking in a few new things, including their local parks oscillator and the toad phase shifter, which is a 12-stage analog phase shifter. Richard's favorite panel is the toad, which has a red toad with the LFO as the eye. They also have the Narwhal module, which is their take on analog physical modeling, using analog resistors and capacitors to create something that sounds real. The cymbals produced by the Narwhal sound authentic, but they can be tweaked to fall apart and become very digital and synthetic. We also got a look at some experiments including the Local Parks Oscillator and the Toad 12 stage analogue phase shifter, and Richard hinted there may be a drum machine on the horizon.

Taiga Price: 799 USD 

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