Superbooth 2023: IK Multimedia - iLoud Monitors - Tonex Pedal

US White iLoud monitors and a new modelling guitar pedal      12/05/23

Enrico from IK Multimedia showed us their new line of iLoud Precision monitors which now come in both white and black versions. The new monitors offer the same well-known DSP controlling software and calibration systems, with features such as phase coherency, tight low frequency and perfect linearity in all frequencies.

In addition, IK Multimedia unveiled their new Tonex pedal, which uses AI to profile and reproduce the tones of an amplifier or cabinet. This new pedal allows users to avoid carrying amplifiers to gigs as it reproduces the same sounds, with the same vibe, as a real amplifier. Enrico told us the process of training the AI took over a year of development before the team finally achieved the desired result, which reproduces the feeling of playing a real amplifier through a pedal. The Tonex pedal uses an error network created by the entire algorithm and allows users to reproduce tones from either the amp, cabinet or both. 

iLoud Precision 5 pair Price: 1,799.98

iLoud Precision 6 pair Price: 1,999.98

iLoud Precision MTM pair Price: 2,399.98

Tonex Pedal Price: 399 Euros

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