Superbooth 2023: AtoVproject - cDVCA - Gaeto

US Class D VCA module and clock divider      12/05/23

We spoke to Marios from AtoVproject at Superbooth 2023, where they showcased their latest Euro rack module, cDVCA. This 6 HP module features a square wave oscillator inside the VCA which tracks volts per octave, and a low pass filter to tame the signal. The drive knob allows for control over the amount of distortion from the internal oscillator or the original signal, resulting in a full voice with the oscillator, filter, and VCA all in one module. 

Marios also demonstrated the Gaeto, a clock divider and sequencer available for 80 Euros. The Gaeto has two channels and a knob for determining whether it divides to two or three, allowing for clock divisions, flip flop gate triggers, and quantization of finger beats. The Gaeto also has a pulse output related to the input signal and is available for purchase now. AtoVproject teased a new oscillator in development, with more information to come in their newsletter.

cDVCA Price: 220 Euros

Gaeto Price: 80 Euros

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