Superbooth 2023: Vector Synth - Tempera

US Multitimbral polyphonic granular synthesizer      11/05/23

We spoke to Andre from Vector Synth about their latest product, Tempera, at Superbooth 2023. Tempera is a granular synthesizer with a unique interface that offers users eight tracks or samples, each of which can be 10 to 12 seconds long. Users can input a note and emitter, and the grains will come from where the emitter is. This can all be played with a midi keyboard or with a virtual keyboard. The samples can be color-coded and played simultaneously with different settings. Tempera has a total global pool of 4000 samples, and users can spread them out across 16 voices of polyphony per voice. It also has filters, modulators, and an inbuilt microphone and proper audio input, enabling users to plug in guitars or synthesizers.

The emitter can be modulated to have different sizes and densities, and the parameters can be modulated. Users can sync the emitter to time quantize, and it has a Reverb with several filter types. Users can save audio in FLAC, and it has eight gigs of memory for samples, which can be expanded with an SD card or USB flash drive. The metal case is sturdy, and users can power the unit with a power bank. 

Tempera Available: Soon. Price: 600 Euros plus VAT

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