Superbooth 2023: Makenoise - Spectraphon

US Dual Spectral Oscillator uses real-time spectral analysis and resynthesis to create new sounds      11/05/23

Walker at Make Noise unveiled their new Spectrophon, a digital dual spectral oscillator coded by Tom Erb of SoundHack at Superbooth 2023. The Spectrophon is a dual oscillator laid out with two almost identical sides, A and B. Unlike the analog waveform outs, the even and odd harmonic outputs generate harmonics at the fundamental frequency that is set with the frequency knob and dependent on which mode they're in. The Spectrophone also features two modes, SAM or spectral amplitude modulation mode, and SAO or spectral array oscillation mode. The former listens to the input, patch a signal into it, and generates a harmonic spectrum at the output based on what it hears. Meanwhile, the latter holds arrays of spectra in memory that can be modulated. 

In addition to the Spectrophon      , Make Noise also announced a new version of their 7U CV bus case with a brand new four-zone bus board inside. This board is significantly more powerful than the previous bus board and has four different isolated zones, making it ideal for power-hungry modules that are susceptible to noise. The CV bus has been updated to have a voltage math circuit similar to the one from the ZeroCoast. This simple circuit has offset, summing, and attenuation features for whatever one may need in their system. The new version of the CV bus case will be available for purchase at the end of this summer. 

The Spectrophon will be available for purchase at $599 and will ship at the end of May.

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