New Post-Production Development Program

US Improving off-screen diversity in the sector      06/05/23

New Post-Production Development Program

A six month mentoring project funded through 4Skills, Channel 4's training and development strategy is looking for experienced applicants. Five individuals will receive mentoring from senior figures in the industry, as well as skills gap training, shadowing, and placement opportunities. Applications for 4PP are now open and applicants must have over five years; experience in the job role they wish to progress in. Deadline for entries is 31 May. 

The 4PP (4 Post Production) initiative will offer five mid to senior-level individuals from underrepresented backgrounds a six-month program of bespoke skills gap training, mentoring from senior figures in the industry and shadowing and placement opportunities.

Developed in partnership with dialogue editor and dubbing mixer Emma Butt, who has over 12 years of experience in the industry and recently wrote a paper on the lack of diversity in the post-production sound sector in TV, the program is the first of its kind. The initiative was created following a panel session hosted by Channel 4 and Butt earlier this year, which discussed diversity, equity and inclusion in post-production.

Successful applicants will be mentored by Butt and other leading industry professionals throughout the program, funded by Channel 4's training and development strategy, 4Skills. The positions will be based with Channel 4's production company partners, offering mid to senior-level craft and technical talent an opportunity to progress their careers in the post-production sector.


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