Behringer Does Buchla - Also Make Noise

US ABACUS Eurorack module features a range of triggered or continuous functions      04/05/23

Behringer Does Buchla - Also Make Noise

Behringer has released ABACUS which they describe as an Analog Music Computer for Eurorack. Here's the story in their own words...

Buchla's legendary 257 and 281 analog synthesizers are considered classics of their genre, implemented in a wide range of musical applications. The Behringer ABACUS is modeled after these original instruments, featuring an array of linear, logarithmic and exponential triggered or continuous functions.

Modulate and Push the Tempo
The ABACUS can generate musical envelopes or LFO signals up to 25 minutes in length and as fast as 1 kHz. Designed for use with other modules, it also allows you to change the modulation depth, modulate backwards and create even more musical events by manipulating tempo.

Unlimited Creativity
By manipulating the ABACUS' control knobs, incoming signals can be an amplified, attenuated, integrated or inverted for unlimited creativity. Totally unique and crazy warped effects like lag, slew or portamento can be applied to control voltages perfect for use with a sequencer, or synth keyboard. Up to 4 control voltages can be combined to generate even more complex modulations.

[Ed] We and I'm sure you will have noticed more than a passing resemblance to the extremely successful Make Noise Maths module. Which is still in production. I think its fair to say that this falls into the knock-off category of Behringer product.

We sort of hoped that they were done with this kind of nonsense. Its fair enough to remake out of production classics, but leveraging their large economy of scale and crack legal team to aim at the little(r) guys seems crass at best and unpleasant or worse. I imagine Make Noise have better things to do  than direct their resources toward fighting costly and time consuming legal battles. Not cool.

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