Spitfire Audio Releases New LABS Instrument

US Obsolete Machines has been created by Look Mum No Computer      28/04/23

Spitfire Audio has released a new LABS instrument. They tell us that Obsolete Machines is a riot of hand built and modified machines, curated and created by electronic anarchist Sam Battle AKA Look Mum No Computer. This is what they have to say about it...

Recorded on location at his museum in Kent (UK), electrify your compositions with sounds from the GAMEBOY Megamachine, Sega MegaDrive Synth, and a gargantuan 1000 oscillator Megadrone.

A digital guided tour of a museum filled with curious and hand-built eclectic and voltage driven monstrosities. This all-access pass around one of Britain's most unique collections of obsolete gadgets, apparatus and computer-based machinery shows that as long as you are armed with a soldering iron and determined attitude you can extend the usefulness of tech – repurposing it far beyond being relegated to the scrap pile.

Pricing and Availability:
Free download.

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