Steinberg Releases Nuendo Live 3

US Update is said to make live recordings better, faster and more versatile      27/04/23

Steinberg has released Nuendo Live 3, the latest version of its live recording solution, which they say delivers maximum reliability and great results, helping users to capture the perfect recording of any performance.

Senior Marketing Manager Luis Dongo told us, "With version 3, we're bringing Nuendo Live up to par with current technologies and improving its performance and usability. The beauty of Nuendo Live is its simplicity -- the sole focus is on reliability and quality, with no unnecessary features. That's been our goal with Nuendo Live since its conception and that's what this new version aims to continue delivering."

Here's more details direct from Steinberg...

Building on the success of its predecessors, Nuendo Live 3 adds several key features which make the live recording process faster, more flexible and with even better audio quality.

Nuendo Live 3 supports Steinberg Licensing, an account-based license management system which doesn't require an external dongle. In the live environment, it's easy for a hardware USB-eLicenser to be lost, damaged, stolen or accidentally knocked out of the recording computer during the show. Steinberg Licensing means this is no longer an issue, while also offering the advantage of working offline, allowing easier setup of recording sessions in advance.

The new Project Template Assistant offers a simplified workflow where, instead of saving files as a dedicated template format, any Nuendo Live 3 project can be used as a template for the next recording. For example, if an artist is playing several shows, the setup from recording the first one can quickly and easily be saved as a new project for the next.

Nuendo Live 3 also offers native support for Apple silicon and Arm processors, taking full advantage of the efficiency and processing power of current Mac computers without the risk of glitches or CPU overload.

The audio engine has also been updated and is now the same as Cubase and Nuendo's latest generation engines. Optimized to work with the latest processor types, this and a new user interface with HiDPi support take Nuendo Live to a new level of efficiency and ease of use.

Key features
• Advanced live recording system featuring straightforward single-window operation, record panel, pre-record buffer and more
• State-of-the-art recording quality, based on Steinberg's award-winning audio engine, with 32-bit floating-point processing and up to 384 kHz resolution makes your recording stand out from the competition
• Support for Steinberg Licensing, dongle-free account-based license management system
• Native support for Apple silicon and Arm processors
• Nuendo Live Record Panel with Meter View and Track View shows all essential
information at once, creating confidence in demanding live situations
• Advanced Session Management with auto-naming of recorded files, multiple folder creation, easy-to-use marker track, auto-save and notepad
• Minimal setup time, thanks to Project Template Assistant and automatic track creation function which makes Nuendo Live record-ready in less than a minute
• State-of-the-art audio engine and redesigned HiDPi compatible interface
• 24+ hours recording time thanks to EBU-compliant RIFF 64 broadcast wave format in
standard recording mode
• Virtual Sound Check allows for easy use of previous recordings for sound check, including marker recall and 1:1 output
• Deliver with confidence thanks to standardized rendering formats and Nuendo compatibility for post-production
• Editing on the road: Nuendo Live includes essential editing functions, making it possible to create a basic edit straight after the show

Pricing and Availability:
Nuendo Live 3 is available as a downloadable, full retail version and updates through the Steinberg Online Shop. The suggested retail price for Nuendo Live 3 is 199 euros and 199.99 US dollars, while updates from previous versions are available for 39.99 euros and 39.99 US dollars.

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