NAMM 2023: Percussion Factory and Quadra Traveler

US With Venus Theory      18/04/23

UVI showcased their latest soundware products, including the Quadra Traveler and Percussion Factory, as demonstrated by Cameron, also known as Venus Theory.

The Quadra Traveler is part of the Quadra series and features four instrument layers with an XY grid for blending between them. Each layer has its own amp, filter, and envelope controls, as well as individual effects and arpeggiator with multiple pages for different step types and panning. The library includes a wide variety of world instruments, from electric and acoustic basses to keyboards, metal and wood strings, synths, transient noises, and more, allowing for endless sound design possibilities.

Percussion Factory,  is based on eight instrument layers that can be selected from a wide range of percussive sounds. The layers have different rhythms based on Euclidean rhythms, and the intensity of the sequences can be controlled using the decimate knob, which can also be automated for dynamic performance. Additionally, the Tone Room and Swing controls allow for further customization of the groove and overall number of steps.

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