NAMM 2023 - ASM - Hydrasynth Explorer - Sounds Only

US Jim Heywood gives us a tour of the Hydrasynths sound capabilities      18/04/23

NAMM 2023 - ASM - Hydrasynth Explorer - Sounds Only

Jim from Earmonkey Music gave Sonic State a demonstration of the Ashun Sound Machines' Hydrasynth Explorer at NAMM 2023. It's a wavetable synth, but with a unique implementation of wave morphing. The Hydrasynth offers 219 single-cycle waveforms, including standard analogue waveforms and complex waves arranged in banks of harmonically related content.

The oscillator section is designed to be manipulated to create rich, evolving tones. The modulation sources allow for a wide range of control, from subtle glides to aggressive biting tones, all attached to a unique, small-key, poly-touch keyboard.

Hydrasynth Explorer Price: 499 USD


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