NAMM 2023: Robkoo - Wind Synthesizer R1

US musical instrument from the future allows beginners to play music easily      16/04/23

Robkoo showcased their Wind Synthesizer R1 at NAMM 2023, and Sonic State had the opportunity to speak with Tianbang Zhuang about this unique musical instrument. Priced at $600, the R1 is designed to be a low-entry barrier model that allows beginners to learn and play music quickly. However, experienced musicians can also enjoy its high potential as a MIDI controller that supports Bluetooth MIDI.

The Wind Synthesizer R1 comes with an onboard sound bank that can be upgraded by users themselves. It features motion control, pitch bend, octave keys, and function buttons that can lock the user into specific techniques. The latest sound bank version has 30 sounds, including brass, woodwinds, and synths.

Wind Synthesizer R1 Price: 600 USD

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