NAMM 2023: U-he Show Updated Filterscape Bundle

US Coming soon(ish)      15/04/23

At NAMM 2023, Sonic State caught up with Urs Heckmann, founder of U-he, to discuss the new FilterScape plugin. Although an older plugin, U-he has updated it to give it a whole new breath of life. FilterScape is a form band EQ with eight snapshots where each snapshot can have a different EQ setting, making it useful for different song sections. There are also modulations for the frequency, queue, and gain for each band separately and separately for each snapshot. The EQ section also has filters and parallel bandpass filters and can be dependent on the stereo field. The plugin has a mixer section with two mixers, allowing for different configurations, and modulation for envelope followers and filters. The plugin also includes step sequences, LFOs, and a delay that can sit in various parts of the mix.

FilterScape is part of a plugin bundle consisting of three plugins, which includes the U-he MFM2. Although the concept behind FilterScape is simple, the new design and layout make it more accessible and user-friendly. For more information on the FilterScape plugin and U-he's other products, visit their website.

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