NAMM 2023: Ashun Sound Machines - Hydrasynth Update 2.0

US Hydrasynth owners get more memory and new features      15/04/23

Ken Flux Pierce from the Hydrosynth team introduced us to the new 2.0 update for Hydrosynth, which includes major updates to the synthesis engine that allow for per voice modulation, oscillator bit reduction, and quantized LFOs. The oscillator section now includes a bit reduction knob that can reduce the waveform from 24 bits down to two bits, allowing for dirty and crunchy sounds. The LFO section includes a quantized knob that adds rhythmic syncopation to the LFOs. The voice modulation menu is also very deep, allowing for offsets per voice, which can be used for sequencing or manipulating filters and oscillator shapes.

The update allows for analog emulation with wave table synthesis while also expressing interesting digital aspects of the Hydrosynth and includes a step LFO that has a one-shot step mode, allowing for self-generated patches that evolve on their own. 

Hydrasynth Price: 1,299 USD

Hydrasynth Explorer Price: 499 USD

Hydrasynth Deluxe Price: 1,799 USD 

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