NAMM 2023: Embodme - Erae Touch MIDI Controller

US Flexible and responsive polyphonic controller that you can hit with sticks      15/04/23

Edgar Hemery introduced us to Embodme's beautiful MIDI controller Erae Touch. These surfaces allow for flexible layouts which users can freely configure themselves. They feature about 1000 LEDs and force sensors, which make them sensitive to touch, including after touch, continuous gestures, and release velocity. They are also durable enough to be used with drumsticks.

These surfaces are connected via USB-C or MIDI 2.0 via mini-jack, and the configuration of the layouts is done through the Eerie Lab Editor, which allows users to drag and drop elements, change colors, and create custom objects. Up to 16 layouts can be saved and recalled for each channel. 

Erae Touch MIDI Controller Price: around 850 USD / Euros

 - Rick Feds:

 - Cecile DeLaurentis:

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